Safa Kasaei

Born in 1991- Iran



MA in Graphic Design
BA in Graphic Desigh 2014
Graduating from the visual arts Kosar fine art school of Tabriz 2008


Awards and festivals:

Honor diploma and encouragement award from

Sixth Tehran International Biennial of Illustration (TIBI) 2013

Third place of illustration in twentieth international youth visual arts festival, 2013

Second place of illustration in nineteenth international youth visual arts festival 2012

First place of northwest Iranian’s illustration festival 2012

Second place of painting in visual arts olympiad 2011



Solo illustration exhibition in BLU MONDE Gallery Italy 2014

Solo Painting exhibition in Sarv Art Gallery Iran/2012



Participainting in BEIRUT ART FAIR 2014

Participaitiin in the Middle East Contemporary Auction 2014

Participating in Il posto delle favole Exhibition at the Museum A.Miniucchi  Rome -Italy 2014

Group illustration exhibition in Artlab Gallery Lebnan/Beirut 2014

Group painting exhibition in Artlab Gallery Lebnan/Beirut 2014

Participating in Seyhoun’s Gallery Auction Iran /Tehran 2014

Participaiting in 10 group ehibitions sience 2006


Illustrating for the book “He and Other” Nook Book Publisher  2014


Win the prize and honor diploma for the illustrations of the book “He and Other” from the Arab Thought Foundation 2015


Participating in the  Delhi’s Sanskriti Artist Residancy , New Delhi-India- 2015

Member of Cultural  and Artistic Socity of Iranian Illustrators since 2012

Participating in an alive interview in LBC TV Channel Beirut     – 2014


Safa Kasaei is a painter and illustrator.her childhood emotions are mostly

apeared in her artworks. She often illustrates her own stories.Stories that

are in childhood shapes and are for both children and adults. She likes to

simplify the  complex adult’s world by children’s simple wolrds.

If she illustrates for a story that is not her own, she tries to add her own

personal world by using special and suitable characters, colors,forms and



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