The adults world seen through the eyes of childhood is the main theme of Safa Kasaei’s artworks, paintings and illustrations.
Pale colours and basic lines compose canvas of rare expressive simplicity where human beings have often an animal face, metaphor or symbol of a disoriented universe or just imagined.
Figures are depicted half faced,flat, two-dimensional according to a strict framework that repeats in an obsessive manner a routine where we are imprisoned.
Images are essential in shapes and plain in contents, they recall some moments of the day where family, food and sleep are concepts to share.
The artist paints as she were shooting or taking pictures from above; the overlook goes from the ceiling to the table or to the bed.
Her eyes peeks at his characters and steal those instants of privacy where memories and nostalgia get their shelter.
The action of going to bed conveys a sense and a need of safety and no matter if it is day or night; her characters are painted under the blankets but they are dressed and wear shoes.
Shoes inside and outside the bed, to walk and to dream; simulacrum of wellness, divine icon to which she sets a painting space aside.
An object reiteration as the one of a pair of shoes simulates an undeniable need to be identified and socially represented in a modern contest yet affected by a strong tradition recall.
Safa Kasaei’s painting is a wish of hope and reconciliation, a place where virtues, respect and feelings must be protected without obstacles to the free expression.